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Running a successful SEO campaign has many different parts that work together to help improve the quality of the website for the use of consumers and search engines by providing quality information to inform and teach consumers about the website’s subjects. Search engine optimization that is run by outside professionals or websites generally consists of three different segments; optimization, content, and link building are all used together to create a consistent approach to help push the SERP positions for the targeted keywords on which the website is focusing. Focusing on only 1 area will help the website gain traction, but working on all aspects in sync will drastically improve and expedite the results in the search engines that most websites are looking for when starting their web marketing.

Many companies with website would be unable to answer the question “What is SEO?“, so they opt to use the services of a hired SEO agency to optimize the website. These companies provide consistent content for on-site and off-site resources to help keep consumers interested in various mediums. Finding new locations to provide content, whether graphic, video, text or a quote, Search Engine Optimization firms will search out potential locations while creating the proper content to fill the requirements for submission on behalf of the website. Long-term solutions for search engine optimization can provide websites with consistent and reliable SERP positioning for the length of their contracts and even afterward with a robust inbound link catalog.

SEO 101

Search engines have historically operated using algorithms, with the most infamous being the Google algorithm, to determine the positioning of websites when providing search results, an extensive formula that helps determine the most qualified and informative results to answer the questions and requests of the search users. The simple way to explain how results are determined is by comparing the number of links pointing towards a website (inbound) verse the number of links on the website pointing elsewhere (outbound), sites with a greater percentage of inbound links has generally been considered to be of more authority and value to users, thus increasing their placement in the search engines.

Like any automated program, some websites figured out ways to manipulate results through unethical link practices and other frowned-upon methods that eventually led to continuous changes being applied to the search engine algorithms to provide users with the best information. As search engines have continuously improved their ranking methods to deliver users the best SERP listings, search engine optimization services have created the best programs for websites to provide the information the search engines are looking for when rendering search results. Most SEO professionals use the same marketing principles for website optimization and content creation. Still, some methods or materials used will vary for every SEO company.

Types of SEO Services

Some of the most common search engine optimization services that are usually used to an extent involve one of the three most common forms of web marketing. These services include:

Website Optimization

  • On-Site Optimization

One of the first tasks to be completed by an SEO is to check the website interested in marketing to ensure that there are no obvious problems that will impede ranking.

Auditing the website consists of checking for broken links, missing pages, or other website problems, such as coding or organization problems with pages, and fixing these points before starting off-site link building.

  • Off-Site Optimization

Upon completion of the on-site audit, the SEO agency will want to start finding off-site backlink opportunities and searching for such instances as missing website references and citations or finding articles that are not being properly linked back in an improper way to the website. Agencies will also be reaching out to other websites with broken links and providing a current source of information for other URLs in the same industry.

Content Creation

  • On-Site Content Creation

Writing unique content for web pages, whether it’s providing new images or updating old pages with relevant material is important to keep a website ranking in the search engines. A consistent and quality-driven writing approach will help most websites become industry authorities.

  • Blog Creation

Following some of the largest and most influential blogs for related industries, websites can leave comments on their blogs to receive backlinks. Some blogs will permit do-follow links while others will only provide no-follow, every comment always allows readers to click to the commenting website for more information.

Link Building

  • Article Submissions

Similar to website content and blog postings, creating unique and informative content for use on off-page websites allows for links back in cases where it is allowed. Some links can be placed in the articles or found in the text’s signature portion.

  • Social Media Posts

All new articles and content from the website, whether it’s on-site or off-site, will show up in the social media accounts with links pointing to the location of the new material. These links generally do not offer any effect on SERP positions, they do generate click-through traffic and promote faster indexing from the search engines.

Beginning an SEO Campaign

Websites interested in optimizing and marketing their website for better search engine result page positioning will want to familiarize themselves with the various methods of link building and site optimization to ensure that they are receiving the best possible local SEO service from a company they can trust. Contact one of our search engine optimization specialists at Idea Tree Media for more information about the different Florida seo services we can offer for your website.



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