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What is SEO?

A Brief Introduction to SEO:

SEO is a method of marketing the concentrates on improving the positioning of a website in the search engines by understanding the methodology used by the search engines to establish rank. Website owners can follow the general beliefs used by search engines to boost their website rankings; including better information, drawing and videos along with improved functionality for both people and the search engines to better understand the website’s content.

There are a number of different pieces that make up the SEO puzzle; including on-site functions and information and off-site marketing and content creation. People new to the SEO world need to understand that designing websites and creating content specifically for the search engines might provide fast results, but for lasting rankings it’s important to build websites and write content for the customers and individuals looking for information.

Businesses can build their own team to handle SEO services for their website, but having the time and know-how to fix problems, improve upon area and find new opportunities can be a job in-and-of its own. Partnering with an SEO company such as Idea Tree Media can help simplify that work while providing the quality services you expect from your own SEO agency.

SEO in practice

Putting the Pieces Together:

On-Site SEO

Beginning an SEO campaign with a website audit will allow an SEO agency to view many of the aspects that contribute to search engine rankings from within the website itself. Understanding the infrastructure of the website, how the pages are constructed and the content provided will allow an SEO agency to grasp a firm idea on how to better optimize the website for both visitors and the search engines before starting with any off-site link building.

Off-Site SEO

The other aspect for proper SEO is to build an online profile consisting of a multitude of online links from article submissions and blog postings. Providing off-site information about a website’s topic can help with driving traffic to the webpages along with making the website appear to be a trusted source on the topic, ultimately improving the domain authority and page rank of the website. Putting together a solid game plan with an SEO company consisting of off-site link building can propel a well-built website to much higher rankings in the search engines through a consistent and quality content marketing.

Finding a SEO

Hiring the Right SEO Company:

Finding the best SEO agency for your website needs can come down to seeing the track history of a firm; what they have done with other websites to help their website and the results of their work on those websites. The cost of the SEO services is an important factor, but hiring solely on cost might yield sub-par or worse, negative results; costing the website more than it was ever worth.

A few questions to ask potential SEO companies might include:

  • What keywords should we target?
  • Create a sample website audit with suggestions for improvement.
  • View samples of content created for customers.
  • What is your off-site SEO plan for link building?
  • Provide a list of a few references.

A firm that has a similar plan as your goals might be the best fit for partnering with for your SEO services. Monthly analysis reports can help merchants view the progress of their website within in the search engines can help determine if the SEO agency is performing as expected.

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